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Written by Tom Sullivan
As featured on page 77 in the March 2012 issue.
Watch a flight video, additional photos, and excepts from the magazine review.

Originally designed as a military trainer in the 1930s, the Stearman’s flight characteristics and ruggedness have made it a mainstay of air shows and barnstomers for decades. The aircraft is so popular that you would be hard-pressed to attend an airshow where one didn’t appear.

The Super Stearman was an evolution of the original design that doubled the horsepower and added an extra set of ailerons to improve the roll performance. Great Planes has created a 36-inch span, electric-powered ARF Super Stearman. Let’s see what this semiscale (fun-scale) model has to offer.

The Super Stearman EP ARFT looks good, doesn’t it? For a small, electric-powered model, it presents much larger than it really is. The great color scheme doesn’t hurt, either!

Notice the amount of work done for you (one-piece wings, painted cowl, pilots installed, etc.) before assembly begins.

It’s rare to find a kit that includes pilots these days. Great Planes not only includes them, they come preinstalled with the other cockpit details shown.

You need to drill the mounting holes to mount the motor, so a wide range of motors/mounts can be used.

The Stearman’s landing gear fit and finish was one of many of its highlights. All holes are predrilled and everything fit together well.

Incorporating a design feature normally found in larger models, the aileron servos are mounted inside the wing halves.

The wing struts have a subtle difference between the top and bottom, so use care to ensure they are positioned correctly.

To change the batteries quickly, pop off the top hatch that’s held in with a locking tab in the front and magnets in the rear.

The supplied Futaba flight pack fit into the Stearman like a glove. It’s slightly tight, but there are no surprises.

The Great Planes Super Stearman looks terrific in the air. It’s quick, but flies with authority because of its available power.

Watch a video featuring the Super Stearman as well as online exclusive photos below


too bad it does not fly slower at a more scale - like speed.

I just received my membership card after being out of the hobby for almost 20 years. I came to the site and my first reaction is, what a beautiful biplane that is. Second was, I want one! I need to come up to speed again with the good ol Telemaster. I have company this time. My son just turned 9 and is already flying on Real Flight and a night vapor. Good times ahead!

Best regards,


Welcome back Bob! We're glad to have you back in the skies again. Recently we posted a good tutorial at You can also find flight tips at

If you haven't already, your son can take advantage of a FREE AMA youth membership. This free membership is valid through age 19 as of July 1.

yes indeed she is pretty I've had mine since it was pre-ordered. Flight characteristics are a little bit more for the advanced pilot. Every website says intermediate and I disagree. Two brothers review look at their take off and that says everything. This plane scaled-down doesn't make the best flying model but it flies okay you just have to work harder. Learn biplanes learn to set the ailerons more up then down. I'm telling you she is a handful for sure. Tonight I decorated the bottom was a better color and checkerboard on the tail. I fly on grass so I cut and re-weld the landing gear on a slight forward angle improving stability. All around I'm happy but my other three aircraft have far fewer bad habits. Your review video didn't show takeoff or landing there important why were they missing? I like my plane very much and enjoyed being here at your website. My comments are just my views and owning this plane for one year

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