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Blake Walston Perry, Georgia Hi modelers and potential modelers
I have been building models since 1948, no expert bit have lots of experience. Been teaching kids and young folks to build for over 30 years. I am willing to share what knowledge I have. Feel free to contact me at ablaker2@sbcglobal.net.

Finishing is not my strong point but I think I do pretty good at construction and repairs. Our local club is "The Perry RC Flyers" and the largest model airplane swap meet in the world is held right here in Perry, the first Saturday in March. or the fist weekend in March sponsored by the Georgia Aircraft Modelers Association.

I enjoyed the AMA webinar on October 10th but believe it was to short for beginners.

Always glad to help modelers.

—Regards ole Blake Autobio at AMA listed under Alton B. Walston

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I need some advice on how to motivate myself to complete a plane. I have a kit-built plane I need to finish, it is at the point it needs covering. I have another that is an ARF but needs minor items such as throttle control, fuel tank and receiver/battery installation and it's done. I seem to be stalled out in these two projects, every time I go to work on either I get it out, look at what needs to be worked on, stare at it a while then put it away and go work on the "honey do" list. Is this just me or is this a common occurance? I do have a plane I fly regularly so I am flying, and look forward to completing/flying these new planes.

Any advice?
Thank you,

I can tear into an RC airplane or helicopter without batting an eye, but when my car needed brakes it was hard to know where to start. Then I found a bunch of videos on YouTube that filmed very similar projects. None were perfect, but I gleaned onto enough information that I felt empowered to take the job on. I'm very pleased with the results and now I want to do more auto-repair work myself.

If you're still looking for help on your projects, drop me a note.


It is SOOO very nice of you to offer help. That's the wonderful thing about this hobby, is nice folks like you everywhere. Another good source is Bob Aberle. He used to write a GREAT column for Flying Models magazine. Flying Things for Fledglings, I think it was called. If you can find back issues, they were great. Just another resource.

I'm wondering about buying my first foam plane. Do they go out of production quickly? I realize it no doubt depends on the model, but I don't want to buy one then have trouble getting parts. My choice is the Carbon Cub S+. Can you help? Thanks.

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