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Understanding the technology and its safe use

For some pilots, the idea of tuning a combustion engine is enough to keep them away from the flying field. Electric-powered aircraft provide these pilots a means to enjoy model aviation without the fuss of a “traditional” engine.

LiPo (Lithium-Polymer) batteries are a popular means for powering our electric models. When used properly, these batteries provide convenient, reliable, renewable, and relatively inexpensive power. As is the case when working with any power source, there are a few things that modelers need to know to stay safe and keep their batteries performing.

In this four-part series, we’ll teach you all about this popular power source.

Part 1: Understanding the Technology and Its Safe Use

Battery Types
General Battery Safety
Understanding the Labels
An Introduction to Charging and Storage
The Secret to Long Life
Connecting It
Ultimate Low-Tech Tester

Part 2: Transporting Your Batteries

FAA Security and Hazardous Materials Safety
How It Affects Us

Part 3: Charging Your Batteries

Input Power
Output Power
Single and Multiport Chargers
Read the Instructions
Storage Charge
Charge Rate
Safely Charging Batteries

Part 4: Storing and Disposing of Your Batteries

Discharging for Storage
Protecting Connectors
Storage Environment
Battery Disposal

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