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FAA Warning Highlights Importance of Battery Safety

According to an article at, a February 9, 2016 announcement by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) warns that lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries might be unsafe for transportation as cargo on commercial airliners. The agency stated in a press release that "current cargo fire suppression systems cannot effectively control a lithium battery fire," and that the risks associated with a fire incident include "the potential risk for a catastrophic hull loss."

Although LiPo batteries continue to grow in popularity as a means for powering our model aircraft, the FAA's warning highlights the importance of properly using LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries provide a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy model flying and, when used properly, have proven to be safe and reliable.

Model Aviation recently published a series of articles and videos titled, "Battery Basics," to educate our readers about the proper use of LiPo batteries. Check out the articles below and learn how you can safely use electric power to satisfy your appetite for flight!

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