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An Instructional video that shows a complete build
of a DLG (eDLG) and an eSupra for ALES Competitions.

DLG - Disc1
Run Time ~55 minutes
1) Wing
a) Foam Preparation
b) Weblets
c) Fabric and Balanced Layups
d) Layup and Results
e) Joining
f) Throwing Peg
2) Tails
3) Fuselage
4) Pylon
5) DLG Fuselage Differences
6) Completed Models

ALES - Disc2
Run Time ~1 hour and 20 minutes
1) Wing
a) Outer Panel
b) Cutting Servo Wire Hole
c) Outer Panel Layup
d) Center Panel Layup
e) Wing Joiners
f) Flying Surfaces
g) Servo Installation
2) Pod and Boom
3) Pylon
4) Wing Alignment
5) Finishing Up the Pod
6) Tails
7) Radio Installation
8) Completed Model

Bonus Clips
Run Time ~30 minutes
1) Ballast Tube
2) Silicone Hinge
3) Painting Mylars
4) Fixing Painting Imperfections
5) Fin Mounted All Flying Tail and Pod Mounted Two Piece Wing


Hi, I want to order this DVD set. What is the price incl. shipping to Greece? I can pay by Paypal.
Regards, Nikos

Hi Nicholas.
You will want to visit to order the DVD via PayPal. You may want to contact the vendor to confirm shipping pricing and Pal vs NTSC formatting.

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