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Online exclusive videos from AMA Expo 2015
Interviews highlighting new products and features.
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The 2015 AMA Expo was held January 9-11 at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, California. This year featured many new products ranging from sophisticated multirotors to classic pre WWI aircraft. We spent three days on the show floor to showcase some of our favorite new products.

Hitec Q-Cop 450

Maxford USA

Hobbico ORA

Roswell Flight Test Crew Picks

JB Hobbies

Weatronic Bat60 Radio

Horizon Hobby Night VisionAire

Hobby People Batteries

Precision Aerobatics

JB Hobbies P38

Horizon Hobby ASW 20 Sailplane

Free Flight and Make and Take Booth

Additional Footage

We at the AMA also captured some additional footage and events at the Expo.

Creative Ad of the Year Award

Know Before You Fly Press Conference


why dont you allow indoor flying in another room, also the food vendor was terrible cold pizza how about grtting some food trucks instead? how about moveing it too nothern ca like sacramento!

Thank you Brock for your comments. There is indoor flying and demonstrations in the ballroom outside the exhibit hall. Were you able to fly there? We are looking at reconfiguring the ballroom for Expo 2016 so there very well could be more space for indoor flying. The indoor flying cage sponsored by IRCHA that was in exhibit hall was new this year. It will be back in 2016. Were you able to fly there? I do agree with you the food was not very good this year. Unfortunately, AMA does not contract with the food vendors. That is handled by the convention center. I will let the convention center know about poor quality food. Often the convention centers changes food vendors. We did research on different locations to hold Expo including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada and California. The southern California market has the highest concentrations of AMA members than all other western markets.
Thank You,
Jeff Nance
Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy
Academy of Model Aeronautics

I thought the event was good. I didn't attend last year (due to surgery) but attended this year. I would like to see more vendors and sales, but overall had a great time. Good way to spend an afternoon.

I hope your kidding, nine of my friends and I thought the AMA was a major fail. $9 for parking, $15 for tickets (incorrectly printed in the AMA magazine for $10-$12). Almost zero deals on any FPV equipment. The other prices there were pretty much what I could order online. This size of the show was quite small. Last time I get burned.

Ticket prices were high, I pay about half that to attend a model train expo in San Diego. But the AMA show I think is a much better organized show than the train expo. Might be a little extreme to call the show a major fail. It was a decent show.

They say that there will not be the same kids building-area next year, and that the Black Sheep Squadron club will not be used any more, after many years of service. Will there be some program for kids to make and fly models at the 2016 show? If so, will there be an opportunity for volunteers or will it be run by AMA staff? Will you still have indoor free flight demonstration flying?

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