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Video interview
Model Aviation Editor-in-Chief interviews AMA's Rich Hanson
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AMA would like to thank the thousands of AMA members and aeromodeling enthusiasts who have responded and made comment to FAA's interpretation of the Special Rule for Model Aircraft. To date we've had over 25,000 comments made and we know many more are developing comments and will be submitting them shortly. new deadline for comments as September 23, 2014.

When deciding if the rule will affect you personally and whether or not you should make comment, consider asking yourself the following:

•   Are you a modeling enthusiast?
•   Do you enjoy flying First Person View?
•   Are you a sponsored pilot, fly in competitive events, or enjoy watching companies
demonstrate product?
•   Do you fly within 5 miles of one of the more than 17,000 airports in the US?
•   Does your club manage its own flying site in a safe and responsible manner?
•   Do you or your club fly in "controlled airspace"?
•   Do you know every rule and regulation pertaining to the National Airspace System?

This is a complex issue and many of our members have asked that we provide a simplified explanation, and suggested comments to the Interpretive Rule. Click the link below to find a simplified explanation as to just what this rule means to the average modeler. Also included are AMA's viewpoints and an explanation of the commenting process.

What can I do to help?

The administrative rulemaking notice and comment process is the means by which the FAA can address these concerns and make any definitive changes to the rule. Your comments need to be detailed, meaningful and constructive.

We are asking all of our members and everyone who has an interest in the future of model aviation to participate in this process.Go here to read the simplified explanation of the Interpretive Rule and to follow the guide to submitting your comments.



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