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Palm sized palm fighters by Martin Newell.
Video by Nick Murling and Mark Lanterman.
Featured in the October 2014 issue of
Model Aviation.

Apart from the battery, all the aircraft featured were scratch-built. The airframe is constructed from .020 Durabatics foam, with graphics printed by an inkjet printer. The wingspans are about four inches and the flying weight is 1/10 ounce, including the single-cell 20 mAh LiPo that fits inside the fuselage. They are based on an airframe design by Robert Guillot, with fully proportional control of elevator, rudder, ailerons, and throttle. The P-51 adds flaps, retracts, operable navigation lights, and cannons. The design and construction of the P-51 is described here.

Read the entire article and build tips in the October 2014 issue of Model Aviation.

Micro warbird interview with Martin Newell


Fascinating work and great interview except--not a second of flight video! What a shame.

Is the code available for the software that Martin is using on his transmitter available? I think I caught the name hiphop for the transmitter software, but I haven't found any informaton on it.

Is there a video showing the 8-channel 1:96 scale P-51D in flight? I would love to see that...

I couldn't wait to see a flight demonstration and was disappointed when none was shown. I hope some flight video will be included in the future. Amazing detail for something so small.

Outstanding nano construction! Two comments: 1) I was also hoping to see it fly, and 2) What's with the heavy metal background music? Should have used a Glen Miller tune!

Superb nano construction! But; I was also hoping to see it fly. Also- what's with the heavy metal background music?? Should be a Glen Miller tune!

love it, so much detail and technology in such a small thing.
Disappointed that there is no flight video but i hope it will come soon. Please can you sell this product with RTF mode world wide because there are so many people who would love to buy this including my self.
Peace ;-)


Can i buy this. Mustang!?

It s. Budifull!!


How. Much cost it???

würde gerne so eine mustang p-51d 1:96 8 kanal kaufen.
was kostet die komplett und wo bekomme ich das modell.
mfg steffen

Hallo Steffen,

Die P-51D war ein Eigenbau. Leider wissen wir nicht was es gekostet hat.

I understand that Martin does this for fun, and isn't interested in mass producing these. So, with that in mind I dare not ask to have one made for me. However, what I fail to comprehend, is the lack of interest in the market for these little rc aircrafts! Why doesn't someone just put a patent on these, or hmmmm create a market for them? They would sell really well! The majority of us are not retired, work 40 hr a week, and don't have the free time for such intricate and detailed work. It's a tease if you ask me, and a very passive way of being a TURKEY!

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