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Written by Stan Alexander.
As featured on page 61 in the April 2012 issue.
Read the excerpts of the review and exclusive video highlights.

In the 1930s, air racing was all the rage in the United States and Europe. There were no CAD design systems and most designers learned from the old and sometimes tough trial-and-error method.

Bennie Howard and Gordon Israel were such designers and builders of race airplanes and later civilian aircraft. Howard’s racers were white in color, but the one that most people remember is his DGA-6 Mister Mulligan.

This high-wing monoplane cabin aircraft won the Thompson and Bendix Trophy races in 1935. Another of Howard’s racers, the DGA-4 Mike, piloted by Harold Newman, won the Greve Trophy Race.

Mister Mulligan was equipped with a 1,344 cu. in. Pratt & Whitney Wasp Senior radial engine with a supercharger that could increase the horsepower to 830. The airplane was lost in 1936 when it shed a propeller blade during the cross-country Bendix Trophy Race. Pilot Benny Howard and his wife survived the crash.

The manufacturer’s recommended components were easily installed. The aircraft can be set up with or without flaps. The flaps require two additional servos.

The well-packaged model had much of the work already completed at the factory. The decals and photo instruction booklet were great to work with.

The RimFire 42-50-800 motor mounts easily to the motor box. Designed for electric power, the structure is light and offers good ventilation for all the components.

An X-Acto knife and some 5-minute epoxy is all you need to install the pushrods on the dummy engine.

The tail assembly was well constructed with the horizontal and vertical stabilizers fitting tightly into their slots. The author used 30-minute epoxy to allow time to align the parts.

The Mr. Mulligan has plenty of power for aerobatics. Don’t let the high wing fool you; this isn’t a trainer.

The ESC and battery compartment provide plenty of room and ventilation. It is accessed by the removable windshield that is held on with magnets in four corners.


Great! Love how they kept it clean and stylish.

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