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The August Model Aviation app is coming soon.
An overhauled app will be released in August 2013
Improved Android experience and true to the print issue


The August issue marks the one year anniversary of the Model Aviation app. In that time, we learned a lot about mobile app development and had many successes.

Yet we recognize there are some bugs with the Android model that need addressed. Also many members requested the app be more representative of the print magazine.

Consequently many of you have noticed the August app is missing from the app store. We are feverishly working on "app 2.0." This retooled app will be a more true representation of the magazine and addresses many of the Android bugs experienced by our readers.

Keep an eye out for more details to come including alternative distribution options for our members!

Update - July 29, 2013

Due to Apple's Developer portal getting hacked recently, we are now facing additional delays in getting our app published. Thanks for everyone's patience!



I was an initial subscriber of the digital edition. Even though I have the paper copy, it is sometimes handy to grab a particular digital copy without having to grab a number of actual magazines. Even though some magazines provide a digital copies free, I decided I would pay for access to the digital issues.

I believe everyone got the Aug '12 copy for free and I pd for Sept '12 to Aug '13 with a one year subscription.

Things were fine until we got the new app. Now, I only have access to a single issue (Aug '13) and I no longer have access to the prior 11 digital issues I paid for. I believe I can revert to the old app and see the old issues (I assume I can do this but haven't tried and they still exist on a server for the old app) but then I can't see the new issues.

I'm curious what AMA is going to do to either make all the issues available to me or at least make the correct number of issues available for me.

I see several ways to make this right for subscribers:

1) Make the old issues we already paid for available in the new app.
2) Extend the current subscription by the number of issues we lost. In my case, I should have 11 issues added to my current subscription so it ends in Aug '14 instead of Sept '13. I don't know if this is even possible to do.
3) Refund me 11/12 * yearly subscription.

As noted, my subscription comes due in September. I have turned auto-renewal off since I don't want to loose even more money.

I'm curious what AMA plans to do, else I might have to pursue getting money returned from Apple for the issues which are no longer available.


Great questions and suggestions. First, thank you for being a member and an early adopter of our app program.

We will be restoring your previous issues in the app. We didn't expect them to disappear, but will work to restore them especially since you paid for them.

We also want to share that from September 2013-December 2013 members can opt to receive both the print and digital edition of the app for free. Then in 2014, members will have the choice between receiving the print or digital edition at no charge (or receive both for $9.95). I would advise that you do NOT renew your digital subscription through iTunes for September. Instead go to and choose how you'd like to receive your subscription as an AMA member.


I am impressed by the new digital stuff rolling out. It sounds great that members can chose the enhanced digital or the print. Choosing both is less than the current subscription so that is great too.

I did sign up to test the full access until the end of the year. I haven't heard anything back yet, but assume I will in the near future.

I already had turned off auto renew (would have happened on Sept 7) and I think the Aug '13 was the last issue on my subscription. The free trial until the end of the year should carry me through 2013.

One other thing I noted is that the iOS app updated from v1 to V2 but all my old issues remained on the iPad taking up GBs of memory but were not accessible. I uninstalled the app and data freeing the memory and then re-downloaded the app from the AppStore. ONe should do this before downloading any new issues since the delete/download will affect issue in the new app as well.

Eric, we really appreciate your feedback. During this transition I'm sure we'll unearth some bugs. Your feedback is very helpful!

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