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Q: What is the difference between the library/archives and the tablet magazine app?
A: The library/archives are an exact replica of the magazine page by page available to members to view on any internet ready computer or mobile tablet. The tablet magazine app is an interactive version of the magazine rich with bonus content, videos, photos, and more. All members receive the libraries at no charge, the tablet app costs $1.99 an issue or $18.99 for an annual subscription.

Q: Isn't it more environmentally friendly to go digital
A: Probably, but many industry professionals including GreenPeace and a recent New York Times piece argued that tablet readers can be more harmful than using renewable resources such as paper. Apple released information indicating the carbon footprint of an in iPad is responsible for the emission of 286 pounds of CO2, equivalent to a car engine burning 1425 gallons of gasoline.

We don't have figures for Model Aviation magazine, but Discover magazine claims one issue only emits 2.1 pounds of CO2. Multiply that over 2 years to give a fair comparison and we find the print edition emits only about 1/6th of the CO2 compared to an iPad.

We do believe as energy becomes more renewable and as we are able to recycle electronic waste, digital will be a step in the right direction.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the magazine app?
A: All members have access to a FREE digital copy of the magazine at This digital library can be viewed on any internet ready device including any tablet.

Unfortunately it is too cost prohibitive at this time to offer both a digital library and a tablet app. Since only 20% of our members have a tablet device compared to nearly 100% who have access to a computer - it made sense to invest our membership dollars in a digital library. Almost all members can benefit from the digital library project.

As the popularity of tablet devices grow and as we are able to streamline costs we will reevaluate our distribution options.

Q: Can I opt out of my print magazine and get the tablet app or library/archives only?
A: Over the years we have dramatically cut the costs and streamlined our printing and shipping process. As a result, the money saved by not printing or mailing a member's magazine does not offset the costs to build and distribute the app. If you do not want your print issue we encourage you to have it mailed to a local school, library, or doctor’s office – it’s a great opportunity to help promote the hobby.

Q: When will I be able to access the latest issue of Model Aviation in the library or tablet app?
A: Our goal is to have the app and library issues up approximately one week before the print magazine hits mailboxes. There are some factors out of our hands such as the time it takes iTunes to process each issue, but in general expect to access the digital version before the printed issue.

Q: How do I get the tablet app?
You can download the app in iTunes or Google Play. We will continually offer a free sample issue in addition to the most current issues. Each issue is $1.99 or subscribe for a year with iTunes (all 12 issues plus any bonus issues) for $18.99.

Q: What is included with the free app downloaded from the app store?
A: This app gives you the ability to purchase each week's digital issue through iTunes and Google Play. You can download as many digital issues as you'd like within the same app.

Q: Does the app update with a new issue each month?
A: The app does not update with a new issue each month. You must purchase a new issue within the app for each new issue, unless you paid the $18.99 subscription then a new issue will appear for download at no extra charge.

Q: Can I buy a subscription to Model aviation magazine on the Kindle Fire or Window's Surface?
A: Soon! We recognize that the Kindle Fire and other new tablets are widely used and plan to have apps in those markets in the coming months.

Q:Does the monthly issue expire?
A: No. Once you purchase the issue, you can store the issue in your digital library within the app.

Q:Can I share the digital issue with friends?
A: Yes. We encourage you to share select articles with friends, but they will only be able to view select features before being required to purchase the app.

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