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Written by Stan Alexander
Read the full featured on page 35 in the January 2013 issue of
Model Aviation.
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Wow! Spectacular! Huge! Are just a few words used too often to describe an event that is "over the top" so to speak. I cannot think of a better word to describe the warbirds event held at the Love-RC club, Drake Field in Ft. Collins, Colorado this past September, Wow!

The military Scale fly-in and air show is in its ninth year now and continues to grow each year. Over 5,000 spectators as well as 170 pilots and over 300 aircraft attended this year's event. The weather was great and the field well prepared for the flights as well as the daily shows for the crowd.

At one point on Saturday, the parking lot was completely packed and people had to be turned away. The group is clearly out-growing their facility!

All aircraft must have been used in the military and be in military paint schemes. Aircraft of any scale, including ARFs and foamies, are welcome. There are no other requirements for participation, other than paying your landing fee for modelers and of course being an AMA member.

The regional media covered this event extensively both in print as well as on TV. The Warbirds Over The Rockies (WOTR) donates a large percentage of the proceeds of the event to Mental Health America of Colorado, which helps in many areas of not only mental health but healing of natural disasters. Brian and Bonnie O'Mera's goal this year was to raise $20,000 for the organization and they made it!

The club had to have a special waver from the FAA to allow these fly-over's. FAA officials were on hand during the event. Our thanks go to the pilots and owners for their participation in this event. Many of the pilots donated their fuel bills to the Mental Health of Colorado.

Warbirds of every size and description were at the event. Some flew others were there only for appearance or to be sold. Many modelers brought several models like Bill Holland AMA District VIII Associate VP brought his 1/4 scale Corsair as well as a 1/3rd scale Nieuport 17 as well as a F-15 turbine.

Read about the entire event with photos on page 35 of the January 2013 issue of Model Aviation and in the magazine app.

Stan Alexander


Warbirds Over The Rockies

Mental Health America of Colorado

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