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New products that are Worth a Closer Look
Product review
As seen in the March 2018 issue of
Model Aviation.

That’s quite a long name for such a small charger. This new charger from the people at Venom is perfect for everyone who flies smaller electrics that are powered by a single LiPo battery. Despite its small footprint, this charger is capable of charging up to four batteries at the same time. It has an internal power supply and can be powered with either AC or DC power.

It is 43/4 inches square by 2.1 inches high. This charger’s rugged plastic case is coated with a smooth, rubberized coating. To aid in cooling, Venom has included front and rear venting. The front vents are cut in the shape of the Venom logo and set off by red LED backlighting.

The top panel is where all of the magic happens. Four separate sets of connectors, an LED indicator, and a battery selector switch are located above the large LCD screen. Below the screen are four push buttons: Channel to select between the four outputs; Dec - and Inc + to adjust the charge rate; and Start/Stop, which does exactly as described.

Each of the inputs or channels is independently controlled and can charge either standard LiPo (3.7 volt) or LiHV (4.35 volt) batteries. These batteries can be plugged into one of four popular brands/styles of connectors, including the mCX (Picoblade 1.25mm), mCPX (JST-PH 2.0), JST, and Molex.

After it is powered up, the LCD indicator comes to life. As soon as you plug a battery into one of the connectors, the readout for that channel instantly displays the battery’s current voltage. If you want to charge, use the Channel button to move between the four channels, and the LED indicators will show the selected battery.

If you hold that same Channel button for a couple of seconds, charging mode begins. The charging rate can be adjusted with the Dec - and Inc + buttons. Each channel can charge at a rate between 0.1 amp and 1.0 amp, in increments of 0.1 amp. When ready to charge, push the Start/Stop button, and the readout will continually update with the battery’s voltage.

With this tiny size, a price of $59.99, and its four-port charging capability, Venom’s new Pro Quad Micro Charger is worth a closer look to keep your air force of microfliers charged and ready to fly.

Venom Group International
Tel.: (800) 705-0620


There is no benefit to using this charger. The free charger that comes with most multiple 1s battery purchases does everything this charger does, and does it better.
The venom charger's claim of value is that you can set the amperage you want to charge at. That is only partly true. You can charge slower, but most 1s batteries have circuitry that prevents them from being charged past their suggested charge rate.
Venom also claims you can charge from a 12 volt power source. True, but since almost all auto or recreational vehicles produce 13.8 volts, you cannot use your car battery to operate this charger unless you purchase a voltage regulator. The charger gives Error5: Over voltage.
The most aggravating thing about this charger is that it doesn't shut off, when your battery reaches the 4.2 full charge status. Mine often sits for 30 minutes before showing a fully charged green light.
You can purchase 20 or more batteries for the cost of this charger that provides no extra value or life to your 1s batteries.

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