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Digital event coverage of the 61st anniversary of the Weak Signals Toledo R/C Show.
Article, videos, and photos by
Model Aviation staff.
Jay Smith showcases videos featuring new products and vendor offerings.


The 61st anniversary of the Weak Signals Toledo R/C Show started with a rocky start. The National Weather Service issued Tornado Warnings on the eve of the opening night. A tornado was spotted south of Toledo only hours after vendors finished setting up booths. Early guests and vendors in some hotels were asked to vacate their rooms and wait in the lobby.

The bad weather wasn't the only glitch in the show. The open day the convention center lost power, reportedly due to a problem with a transformer.

Somewhere John Worth is shouting "Holy Toledo!"

The rest of the show weekend went smoothly. As always, lots of guests, vendors, demos, and new products. Check out 25 videos below from the 2015 event.

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