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By Jay Smith and Matt Ruddick
Digital exclusive

Digital exclusive video

First-Person View (FPV) drone racing is exploding in popularity across the country and around the world! Horizon Hobby recently introduced the Blade Inductrix FPV, a micro-size quadcopter equipped with a camera and video transmitter that’s ready for FPV action. This entry-level quadcopter is perfect for new FPV pilots or for seasoned pros looking for a fun and inexpensive way to fly indoors.

Before the Inductrix FPV, one pilot took a homemade approach to creating an FPV quadcopter. His creation, the Tiny Whoop, has been hugely popular in the FPV racing community. In this video, Model Aviation Editor-in-Chief Jay Smith and AMA Media Producer Matt Ruddick (our Tiny Whoop resident expert) look at the original Inductrix, its new FPV cousin, and the Tiny Whoop, showing how you can get into the exciting world of FPV racing on a budget!

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