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Worth a Closer Look
Product review
As seen in the June 2018 issue of
Model Aviation.

The STRIX Nano Goblin is an FPV plank-style wing designed for incredible efficiency without sacrificing speed and performance. It features a 580 mm wingspan that is perfect for tossing into the front seat of your car on the way to the flying field, and weighs less than 250 grams when it’s fully outfitted. The PNP setup is ready to go right out of the box, only needing a receiver and FPV components.

The stock configuration of the Nano Goblin is substantial. The motor is the product of collaboration between STRIX and Cobra Motors. The 1407 3,500 Kv motor presents plenty of thrust for this lightweight wing, and can support a 3- or 4-inch propeller. STRIX and Cobra also included a custom 10-amp ESC with a 2-amp UBEC that provides enough power for your FPV components, as well as the motor and receiver.

The EMax preinstalled digital servos are snappy and responsive as well, ensuring that each input will be precise. Using the included three-blade 3052 propeller, this stock setup can gain a top speed of up to 60 mph.

All of that speed isn’t worth much if it’s too fragile to withstand a high-speed crash. Fortunately, the Nano Goblin is constructed with durable EPP foam and strategically placed carbon fiber to reinforce the structure. The wing spar extends through nearly the entire wingspan to provide support, and each elevon contains carbon fiber to provide support through those high-speed maneuvers.

The shape and design of this aircraft provide inherent stability without the need for outside electronics and technology to do the work for you. Stalls are docile and controllable, and because it has the ability to fly well at slower speeds, proximity flying can be easily achieved on most racecourses.

Where the Nano Goblin really shines is with its flight time. The recommended battery is a Li-Ion 2S 3,200 mAh pack, but it will also support a 2S 1,500 to 1,800 mAh LiPo battery. Using the recommended Li-Ion packs, flight times can reach upward of 50 minutes on a single charge. According to the manufacturer’s website, there are reports of more than 90 minutes in certain configurations.

Overall, the STRIX Nano Goblin is a great entry-level wing design that can be enjoyed by pilots of all skill levels. If you’re a pilot looking to dip your toe into the world of fixed-wing FPV, the Nano Goblin is certainly worth a closer look. It’s available at Ready Made RC for $139.99.

Ready Made RC:
7719 Graphics Way, Ste. F, Lewis Center OH 43035


Purchased one of the Goblins for my grandson, who is a far superior pilot then me, about five months ago when we first saw them on YouTube. He is a drone lover and this was his first attempt at a performance fixed wing FPV. He loves it and cannot believe the flight times he obtains from the lithium ion batteries. Long story short, the advertisements are not hype! This is a truly remarkable fixed wing FPV. Makes me want to get into FPV!

How easy is it to fly for someone who has never flown a Wing? I am interested in getting one however, wanting to know and cannot find the info anywhere. Seems like everyone gets them and puts Inav, and i am wanting to first learn line of sight on stock.

Is it durable and easy to setup in the radio?

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