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Article by Karl Womack
An Air Force veteran shares how history and the hobby unite.
Includes event coverage at the Southern Heritage Airshow in Mound LA

I arrived at the Southern Heritage Airshow at the Vicksburg-Tallulah Regional Airport on October 15, 2014. There I met with Dan Fordice owner of the full sized Charlottes Chariot II, for orientation and I unpacked the Angels Playmate and Charlottes Chariot II. Since both the full scale and models were on site, we spent two hours taking photos at the airport.

Later that evening we practiced flying the Angels Playmate and Charlottes Chariot II to prepared for the full scale airshow. During practice there were meetings with the Airboss and an FAA rep to make sure that we belonged to the AMA and were going to be safe. During that time our designated fly area was mapped out.

The next day during practice the model of Charlottes Chariot II was damaged. It would not fly in the show but was available as a static display for the full size Charlottes Chariot II. I was given the performer schedule and found out that I was to fly at 12:45pm during a time that is often slotted for featured acts. The Southern Heritage foundation wanted to honor Lt Col Cary Salter who flew the original Charlottes Chariot II in WW2.

By shear coincidence pictures of my model Angels Playmate, on Facebook were seen by Cary Bailey. He is from England and built the model of Charlottes Chariot II. He modeled his plane off of the full size restoration of Charlottes Chariot II that resides in Vicksburg-Tallulah Regional Airport. We became FB friends and started sharing our passion for models. He forwarded pictures of my Angels Playmate to Dan Fordice.

Angels Playmate was flown by Lt Bruce Carr. Bruce Carr and Cary Salter were friends in WW2. Cary Salter flew wing for Bruce Carr. Once pictures of my Angels Playmate were shared with 93 yr old Lt Col Cary Salter, who lives in Jackson MS, I was invited to attend the airshow. Cary Bailey from England had already been invited. He flew over and shipped his model from England to attend. Shipping cost for the model alone was $3800.00.

What made this so special for me, is because I am an Air Force veteran. I was active duty for 6 years. I was stationed in Myrtle Beach AFB during the 1980s. I belonged to the 353rd Fighter Squadron, which is part of the 354th tactical fighter wing. When I was building my model, I knew that there was the 353rd Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group in WW2. I liked the Angels Playmate logo. I wanted something that had personal meaning for me. Since I was in the same unit, I chose Angels Playmate. That is why I build giant scale warbirds. I love the history part of the hobby. Now after experiencing this event in October, it became even more personal.

When history and this wonderful hobby come together like this, it was an amazing experience.

Statistics and Facts

  • Dan Fordice: Owner and pilot of the full size Charlottes Chariot II
  • Cary Bailey: Lives in England. Owner and pilot of the model CCII
  • Lt Col Cary Salter: 93yrs old, lives in Jackson Mississippi. Flew Charlottes Chariot II in WW2. Was friends and flew as wingman for Lt Bruce Carr.
  • Karl Womack: Lives in Fort Wayne Indiana. Been a modeler since age 12. Am 53 now. Owner and pilot of the model Angels Playmate.
  • Models are both from highly modified, Top Flite giant scale kits.
  • 85 inch wingspan.
  • Angels Playmate weighs 24lbs.
  • Covered in aluminum and all graphics are painted on from my own stencils.
  • Been clocked on radar at 114mph.
  • Model took 3 years to build and is 5 years old with over 150 flights on it. It was repainted for the event. Wanted it to look as good as possible.

Additional Event Photos

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