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posted by Model Aviation Staff
February 12, 2012

Coming to your mailboxes is the redesigned edition of Model Aviation. You will notice the magazine has a cleaner and more modern aesthetic look, with new color-coded content arrangement, a new contemporary logo, new featured articles, and a new cover complete with large imagery and exciting cover lines and teasers.

Although you will see great changes, the goal of Model Aviation will remain the same: to inspire, inform, and instruct enthusiasts who share a passion for modeling. Model Aviation will maintain its position as an information-providing leader in aeromodeling, reflecting the AMA's position as the world's largest model aviation organization.

We've shared our design process in our redesign blog, but now we want to hear from you. Tell us what you like about the magazine or elements you'd like to see changed as we work to make this the best publication in the industry.

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