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Written by Chad Budreau
Multirotors were the hot topic at the National Association of Broadcasters Show.
Online exclusive feature including event video.

The National Association of Broadcaster's (NAB) Show is an annual event in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's event took place April 11-16, 2015. The show brings in nearly 100,000 media professional from over 150 countries to learn about the latest media related trends and innovations. Many new topics were discussed including webcasting, augmented reality, and 8k video. But the star of this year's show were multirotors.

Throughout the convention halls, multirotors were everywhere. The hub of most multirotor activity was in the south hall titled the Aerial Robotics and Drone Pavilion. Throughout the six day event speakers talked about FAA regulation, safety, commercial vs recreational use, and construction tips. The Know Before You Fly campaign was also discussed during show in an effort by the NAB to promote safety. Watch video coverage below.

The program at the NAB was full of multirotor topics, demos, and sessions.

The Know Before You Fly Campaign was presented to members of the media interested in flying multirotors.

AUVSI presented the Know Before You Fly Campaign and the importance of safety.

In addition to safety sessions, the NAB discussed topics on pending regulations and the FAA.


I've recently became interested in flying drones and the latest proposed government rules prohibit use of drones in other than uninhabited areas. These rules seem to be designed for the youthful flyer and not the responsible adult. Moreover the need for licensing and permits to fly infringe on my ability to learn and explore the capabilities of this new technology. Don't we have enough restrictions that limit our freedoms?

None at this time.

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