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Article by Joe Schodt
Raleigh AeroMasters RC Club finds a use for empty potato chip containers.

The Raleigh AeroMasters Club in Raleigh, North Carolina, challenged its members to a build and fly contest that was held in the afternoon of November 16, 2014. The goal was to bring together the club members for a fun day of flying and to test their creativity. The event was named the Pringles Build Up, and it was designed to involve any level of building and flying skills.

The club members’ challenge was to build an airplane of any configuration in which one of the main structural components had to be an entire Pringles potato chip can in its original shape. The airplane had to be airworthy; however, the judging and scoring system was designed so that points scored for flying would be of less weigh versus points for creativity, design, and looks. Furthermore, the builder could team up with another pilot to fly his airplane.

Oh! What would a contest be without a prize! The entry fee was $1 and the winner (decided by three independent judges) took all of the money collected.

We had a blast and many family members came out to watch and cheer for their favorite pilot. This event was a great way to involve the club members and their families and foster camaraderie. Even those who like to build but not fly had a chance to win! All airplanes that were entered actually flew—and some of them exceedingly well. It was stated by the pilot flying the Trout that he was flying in a “fish style.” Yes, it looked as though it was jumping in and out of the water, only this was done in the clear blue sky!

The judging was simple. Each airplane was given one to five points for Appearance and one to five points for Design, and then one to three points for how well it flew. The highest overall score was the winner.

Two Pringles cans & leftover parts.

One Pringle can in V tail design.

The Pringles flying "bat."

The Pringles "trout" - yes, it did.

Pringles "tortilla."

The Pringles Twin with the X-1 Glider

And the winner: "The CANard" piloted by "Chip Canner" or so it says on the canopy.

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