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Article by Geoff Barber
Fly your own reconnaissance missions with the Brisfit
Watch flight footage of this fighter.
Full review in the February 2015 issue of
Model Aviation.


Model type: Semiscale ARF
Skill level: Intermediate builder; intermediate pilot
Wingspan: 70 inches
Wing area: 1,279 square inches
Length: 41.5 inches
Weight: 7 pounds (airframe only)
Recommended power system: .90 to 1.20 glow power or equivalent electric power system
Radio: Minimum four-channel transmitter and receiver; four micro servos; three standard servos
Minimum flying area: Club field
Street price: $389.99


Maxford USA has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality, ARF aircraft. Additionally, the company manufactures some seldom-modeled aircraft such as the German World War I fighter Hansa-Brandenburg W.29.

The F.2B Bristol Fighter, one of Maxford’s recent offerings, falls into this unique category. If you’re into WW I warbirds—especially British warbirds—the Bristol definitely fits the bill. Assembly is more complicated than a typical ARF, but the result is worth the effort!

Read the full review in the February 2015 issue of Model Aviation.

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