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An overview of capabilities, configurations, compents, systems, regulatory issues, and a glossary of common terminology.
Prepared by Roswell Flight Test Crew
Featured in the November 2014 issue of
Model Aviation.

Although nearly all aeromodelers are familiar with First-Person View (FPV) flying at this point, and a surprising proportion of them have actually tried it themselves and even do it regularly, the concept is still largely unknown outside the hobby.

Furthermore, in the public imagination, FPV-capable small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) are easily conflated with sinister drones orbiting over distant battlefields, capable of providing nearly omniscient surveillance and delivering fiery death from above.

Fortunately, as a member of AMA, you’re in a position to help dispel those fears and maybe bring some new people into the hobby while you’re at it, by putting on an effective FPV demonstration in your community.

Here at the Roswell Flight Test Crew, helping to educate the public about FPV flying, as well as its potentially beneficial applications, is a critical component of our mission. We’ve conducted quite a few public demonstrations during the past several years. Now we’d like to share what we’ve learned with you!

-Patrick Sherman

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Thanks for the PDF Hobbyist Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Overview. I hope to pass it around to keep other accurately informed on Radio Control (RC) model aircraft. Or commonly called "Drones".

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