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Written by Model Aviation Staff
Event coverage of XFC 2014
Read complete coverage in the September 2014 digital edition issue of Model Aviation.

To be a competitive 3-D model airplane pilot, you need precision, knowledge, creativity, originality, talent, choreography, and nerves of steel. To be an extreme 3-D pilot, you just need to be the best of the best.

This year’s Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) marked the 12th year of the annual invitational. Held June 13-15 at the International Aeromodeling Center (IAC) in Muncie, Indiana. The top airplane and helicopter pilots from around the globe were invited to compete for the chance to be called champion. After three days of tough competition, two pilots walked away victorious. Other pilots experienced small victories, such as making new friends, nailing a difficult maneuver, and meeting their role models.

The bar gets raised higher and higher each year; that’s why it’s called the Extreme Flight Championships. We’re never disappointed in what these world-class pilots bring to the air and to the hobby/sport of model aviation. Congratulations to all the winners! Will you be at AMA and the IAC to witness the extreme next year?

Learn firsthand from the XFC pilots what it takes and what it’s like to compete with the best up-and-coming 3-D pilots in the September 2014 issue of Model Aviation. Watch video highlights and see event photos below.

Model Aviation Video Coverage

XFC Interview

XFC Interview

Event Photos

See more photos in the September 2014 issue of Model Aviation and from The Star Press at


Wish I could have been there, it look like everyone had a wonderful time!

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