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Free Flight models fill the skies at Geneseo, New York
Online bonus sidebars. Full text in the May 2013 issue of Model Aviation magazine.
by Dennis Norman

FAC Nats Mk. XVIII, the 18th biennial Flying Aces Club (FAC) competition, was held in Geneseo, New York, July 18-21, 2012. An extra day was added to accommodate FAC Scale judging and vendors’ displays at the FAC headquarters at the Geneseo Quality Inn.

One-hundred-and-forty-eight competitors took to the skies. This year, the FAC decreased the number of events to 30. Some thought it was a good idea, but others were disappointed in the change.

FAC members are known as a sociable group. Often they gather at the flying field before and after the official flying to visit with friends from all parts of the US, Canada, England, and other countries.

As is custom, the FAC Nats ended with a banquet held at the Quality Inn. The drinks were plentiful and the food was delicious. Announcing the event winners was conducted with precision and clarity by Dave Mitchell. Thanks in large part to the efforts of FAC Hall of Fame member Stew Meyers of the DC Maxecuters, the FAC continues to utilize computers and the winners were named more rapidly than ever.

In a moment of sadness, the original FAC national flag was retired. It was the work of Jack Moses’ late wife, Dorothy, and had flown for decades at the FAC’s national meets. Time had taken its toll and the flag needed to be replaced.

Because of this and the expanding FAC activity in the US and Canada, a new, larger FAC flag was created to fly over future Geneseo and other FAC national events at different venues. Five additional flags were distributed to regional FAC groups.

The 2012 FAC Nats was special in that it attracted not only the contestants, but many of the contestants’ families. The presence of wives and children was warmly received. A quick count of the youth in the crowd indicated that a dozen or more youngsters were enthusiastically involved, some for the first time, with the fun of flying model airplanes. This welcome sight encouraged to all of us. Hopefully we will see even more families and children involved in future FAC events.

Roger Willis and Phil Thomas have hosted the WESTFAC contests in the western US for the last three years. WESTFAC events are held during the FAC Non-Nats years. Attendance has been increasing and Roger and Phil announced that WESTFAC Mk. IV will be held April 24-27, 2013, in Perris, California. All FAC members, their families, and friends are cordially invited. More information may be obtained by visiting the WESTFAC website.

Read the entire four page event coverage in the May 2013 issue of Model Aviation!

FAC Nats 2012 Winners

FAC Peanut Scale: Tom Hallman Martinsyde Buzzard
FAC Rubber Scale: Chris Starleaf Cessna Model 310R
FAC Jumbo Scale: Mike Stuart Armstrong Whitworth Argosy
FAC Pioneer Scale: Tom Hallman Bleriot XXV
FAC Power Scale: Don Srull Westland-Hill Pterodactyl
FAC Low-Wing Military Trainer: Don DeLoach de Havilland D.H. 94
FAC Golden Age Combined: Jim DeTar Piper J-5 Cub
FAC Modern Civilian: Dan Driscoll Pilatus Turbo-Porter
FAC Modern Age Military: Tom Hallman Pulqui 1
FAC Old Time Rubber Stick: Clive Gamble Manulkin Twin Pusher
FAC Old Rubber Fuselage: Don Srull Bell Old-Timer
FAC 2 Bit + O.T.R Fuselage: Don DeLoach de Havilland D.H. 60 Moth
FAC Jimmy Allen: Gerald Crawmer Skokie
FAC Old Time Gas Replica: Vic Nippert Aerobo
FAC Simplified Scale: Walt Farrell MiG-3
FAC Dime Scale: Don DeLoach Chamberpot
FAC Embryo Endurance: Don DeLoach Embryo Matic
FAC Jet Catapult: Tom Hallman Heinkel He 178
FAC Fiction Flyer: Tom Hallman Smilin’ Jack X-13
FAC Thompson Race: Don DeLoach Cessna CR-2
FAC Grieve Race: Frank Rowsome Chambermaid
FAC Goodyear/Formula Race: Rich Weber Leighnor Special
FAC WW I Combat: Don DeLoach Bristol Scout
FAC WW II Combat: Don DeLoach Vought F4U Corsair
B.L.U.R.: Luc Martin Kellner-Béchereau
S.L.O.W.: Dave Niedzielski Blériot XI
1/2 Wakefield: Don Srull Swedish Wake
Midway Commemorative: Don DeLoach Grumman F4F Wildcat
Russian Fly: Chris Boehm
Aeronca Chief One-Design: Jim Detar

FAC Nats Mark XVIII 2012 Awards and Honors

Founding Father’s Award
Ara Dedekian
Roy Courtney

Vic Didelot FAC Spirit Award
Russ Brown

FAC Hall of Fame Inductees
Vic Nippert
Tena Nippert (Honorary)
John Hutchison
Chris Starleaf

Lin Reichel Memorial Mentor
Mike Nassise

Milestones: 100 FAC Victories
Rich Weber

FAC Nats Perfect Attendance
Ross Mayo
Jack Moses
Fernando Ramos
John Stott

Earl Stahl Award (Best Scale Model)
Mike Isermann Nielson & Winther

Walt Mooney Award (Best Peanut Model)
John Kramer Nieuport 11

Cole Palen Award (WW I Combat Winner)
Don DeLoach Bristol Scout

Earl Van Gorder Award (Best WW II Model)
Doug Beardsworth Republic P-47N Thunderbolt

Bob Thompson Fiction Flyer Award (Best Fiction Flyer)
Tom Hallman Smilin’ Jack X-13

Grand Champion (Non-Scale)
Don DeLoach

Grand Champion (Scale)
Don DeLoach

The most-entered events were:

• WW II Combat, 36 entrants
• Embryo, 35 entrants
• Grieve Race, 32 entrants
• FAC Rubber, 32 entrants
• OT Rubber Fuselage, 29 entrants
• WW I Combat, 26 entrants
• FAC Peanut Scale, 26 entrants

The least-entered events were:

• FAC Pioneer Scale, 4 entrants
• FAC Power Scale, 5 entrants
• Fiction Flyer, 5 entrants
• Russian Fly, 5 entrants
• S.L.O.W., 6 entrants

—Dennis Norman


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