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Phil Kibbe, Ben Saks and Jack Shannon are working hard on FLOAT, a documentary currently being filmed that explores the fascinating world of Indoor Free Flight Duration Aeronautics. The goal of FLOAT is to document Indoor in its current state, and most importantly bring much needed attention and an injection of new and excited participants to help perpetuate this beautiful hobby.

Their story started over two years ago with 30 seconds of cell phone video. Since then they have traveled thousands of miles and captured beautiful footage in HD. Now they are reaching out for your support to finish!

Visit to learn more how you can help. When you pledge to FLOAT they will send you awesome rewards! You could download the film at a reduced price, and get to build and fly a plane of your very own! The kits are educational and will include access to digital plans and notes, access to a video for construction, and of course the necessary balsa, wire, covering materials and miscellany and printed plans in a mailing tube. There are 3 types of Kits: MINI STICK, PENNY PLANE, AND F1D

Phil, Ben, and Jack fear that if their project is not funded, they will have to wait two years for the next F1D World Championship in 2014.

Learn more by visiting

Watch the official FLOAT trailer.

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