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posted by Model Aviation Staff
November 2, 2011

We are much closer to finalizing a cover design! We have narrowed the revised Model Aviation logo down to just a few options. We are also holding steadfast to the mission that we want to keep our cover clean and clutter-free. We are on the verge of finalizing a great approach that keeps our covers uncluttered yet is able to promote even more features.

Share your thoughts about what you would like to see on the cover of the redesigned Model Aviation.


Tell us more. We want to see the covers!!

Hi, Lil Boy,

We’re happy that you’re excited about seeing the new cover. Thanks for being a reader as we work to improve your experience with Model Aviation.

We will let some images leak through this blog. However, you must wait until the March issue arrives at your door to see the finished product. We hope it will be worth your wait.

Very exciting. The magazine is great, looking forward to the new design.

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