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New products that are Worth a Closer Look
Product spotlight
As seen in the August 2017 issue of
Model Aviation.

Safely storing LiPo batteries can be challenging, especially when you have several packs. One common storage method involves the use of ammunition cans; however, fitting several batteries inside the can might require some thought and possibly making dividers.

Mark Freeland of Retro RC has simplified the process by providing a line of laser-cut dividers made from Baltic Birch plywood. The large ammo can insert is capable of holding 21 battery packs! In the photo, the size of the packs ranges from two cell to four cell, and 1,500 mAh to 4,000 mAh.

The ammo containers can be purchased from many stores. The one used in the review came from Harbor Freight at a cost of $15.99 before the discount that can be found on the Harbor Freight ad located in this magazine.

The insert was quickly assembled and glued using CA adhesive. To prepare the ammo can, holes should be drilled in the top to allow any gases to escape if a battery were to ignite. Because the ammo cans are waterproof, venting is a must.

Blue painter’s tape was used to cover all of the metal surfaces inside of the can as an added precaution to ensure that none of the battery connectors or balance leads would make contact with exposed metal and arc.

In addition to the 21-cell divider for larger .50 caliber ammo cans, Retro RC has a 24-cell divider that also fits large cans, and a 16-cell divider can be purchased to work with a narrower ammo can, providing a great option for those with smaller batteries.

The ammo can and divider has provided an easy way to transport and store batteries, while taking up much less space. Mark has developed a simple, innovative product that should be of interest to anyone who has multiple batteries. The dividers sell for $15.98, $25.98, and $29.98; pricing is based on size.

Retro RC: Box 193 Keego Harbor MI 48320; Tel.: (248) 212-9666; website:


I have just got started in Drones this past April 2017 and thought about using one of the ammo cans that are full of Ammo and can never have enough of them... This is a great idea to organize them but a Big Flaw...

If I remember correctly there is a Triangle for a Fire to start

1) Oxygen=Add air Holes to an Air tight container
2) Ignition/Spark=Battery Ignites
3) Fuel=Add Wood to keep the fire burning???

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