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New products that are Worth a Closer Look
Product spotlight
As seen in the April 2017 issue of
Model Aviation.

The Venom 75C 3S 1,300 mAh FPV Drone Racing LiPo battery is a high-performance battery designed specifically for FPV racing pilots. The 75C discharge rate offers a high amount of power that translates to high speed on the race course, and the burst rate of 150C gives you the confidence to run these packs against any top competitor.

One of the unique features of the Venom Drone line is that it features the patented universal plug system. The battery comes with an XT60 plug preinstalled. This is the plug that is most widely used by drone pilots. If you prefer either a Deans or EC3 connector on your models, however, you'll find an adapter packaged with the battery that slips on the end of the XT60 connector and allows for a solderless switch to the connector of your choice. The adapters have a snug fit and work well.

These packs are also advertised to safely allow up to 5C charge rates for quick recharging at the field. I still prefer to charge at 1C, but in the event that I need to get a pack charged quickly, this could be a handy feature to take advantage of.

The Venom 75C 3S 1,300 mAh FPV Drone Racing LiPo battery retails for $28.99.

14028 N. Ohio St.
Rathdrum, ID 83858
Tel.: (800) 705-0620

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