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There is far too much coverage of events that are over and done with, and NO coverage of sailplanes / soaring.
If you must cater to those who like to compete, then of far more use would be a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events including location, discipline, who to contact, admission charges, spectator charges etc etc

Hi Colin. In the back of the print edition of the magazine is a Sanctioned Event Calendar that has a list of upcoming events that are listed by state, month, and type of event. We also have a searchable event calendar here: Thank you for your input, and I hope this is the information you are looking for.

I agree with Colin's comment. There is very little diversity of the types of events being covered. I think event coverage should focus on the new/different/unique aspects of events. Cover things that would help me decide if the event being covered is something I should attend given my limited vacation time to attend events. Why should I attend/avoid a event over another event. Given that I also enjoy sailplanes/soaring, more coverage of such event would be useful. Also cover event that do not involve competition as I currently do not compete but am interested in event that help me improve my skills.

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