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Preview article by Rachelle Haughn
New and younger competitors pulled off wins—surprising some of the veterans
Full event coverage featured in the November 2013 issue

A new venue and an altered schedule didn’t prevent modelers from breaking records or making new friendships at the 2013 Nats.

This year, some of the Outdoor events were held on different days than in previous years because of scheduling conflicts with other events at the International Aeromodeling Center, in Muncie, Indiana.

The Indoor Nats was moved from its location of 25 years, Johnson City, Tennessee, to Champaign, Illinois. This annual event is typically held in May, but was pushed back to early August this year.

Despite all of the changes, and some inclement weather, attendance at the Indoor and Outdoor Nats appeared to only slightly decrease. Some of the familiar faces were missing this year because they were busy competing in the World Championships. However, there were also some new and younger competitors who pulled off wins—surprising some of the veterans.

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Focus! A pilot carefully guides his plane as his timer considers other parts of the sky that might present better options during RC Soaring. Caleb Gess photo.

Evan Guyette and his F1L. Evan put up some great indoor flights with this model to land in fourth place. Jim Buxton photo.

The Kirdas turned the Indoor Nats into a family vacation and have been putting up great flights while having lots of fun. Jim Buxton photo.

One of this year’s young competitors includes 15-year-old Tyler McCormack flying in Advanced RC Aerobatics class. Curtis Cozier photo.

As the RC Aerobatics departed, bellies were satisfied and hearts were full and the FAI pilots were busy planning the maneuvers of the Unknowns. Jim Quinn photo.

On the line, ready for the infamous “huck" during Pylon. Don Grissom photo.

Hayden Ashworth with his E-36 model during Free Flight. Elizabeth Johnson photo.

Hirobo pilots Santiago Panzardi and Eaton Bryce during RC Helicopter. Santiago Panzardi photo.

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