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Written by Model Aviation and NatsNews staff
As featured on page 18 in the November 2011 issue.
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THE FIRST National Aeromodeling Championships, or Nats as it is commonly called, was held in 1923 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Since then, the Nats has traveled to several different locations, many of which were Naval Air Stations.

In 1996 the outdoor Nats found a home at the AMA’s International Aeromodeling Center in Muncie, Indiana and the indoor events landed at the Mini-Dome in Johnson City, Tennessee.

This annual gathering draws over a thousand top competitors and eager new participants from all disciplines of aeromodeling.

The daily activities of the event are documented in the NatsNews where each segment is reported on by a qualified reporter. To read the 2011 Nats News, visit

You may also view some photos courtesy of the Nats News team of reporters.

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