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The original Thermic 50 glider appeared in the 1944 Zaic Yearbook. Plan also appeared in Zaic’s Model Glider Design copyright; 1944, and an ad for the model appears in the 1940 JASCO catalog. This supports an original design date in the mid to late 1930’s. Inspiration for the BMJR kit came from a more modern plan from a Jetco kit built in the early 60’s, and a set of parts laser cut in 2000 while learning CAD; hence the name Thermic-50-Y2K. The BMJR kit follows the original model outline with changes being those to accommodate laser cutting to simplify construction, the addition of a top and bottom wing spar with smaller LE for a lighter/stronger structure, and provisions to accommodate R/C gear and a brushless motor. With a movable rudder; for FF the original “drop off” sub rudder (for towing) was eliminated in favor of a more modern “auto rudder” arrangement for high-start or tow line launch. For FF provisions for a dethermalizer are also described in the instructions. Model has a 48” span with 227sq. in area. Our RC model came in at 9oz and the FF version has a flying weight of 4 ½ oz.

BMJR Models

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