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Retro RC is pleased to announce our latest profile micro-model kit, the “camp e’Racer” for indoor flying and outdoor when the winds are down. Taking a few styling cues from aviation’s golden years, she has the looks of a thoroughbred racer from the 20’s or 30’s. With ample dihedral, camp e’Racer is stable enough for a beginner to master, while at full throws and throttle firewalled, she will amaze the expert with her agility and aerobatic capability for a three channel model. This one is a blast to pylon race; get a group together, and have your own “Backyard-Bendix” races! Camp e’Racer uses the radio, motor/gearbox and prop from a Park Zone Bind’n’Fly® model. We prefer the motor/gearbox from the Sukhoi or Pole Cat, but you can use whatever you have. The camp e’Racer takes only 2-4 hours to build. And painting it takes no time at all – it’s already done for you! You provide the radio, motor/gearbox/prop, a battery, and glue; everything else needed is in the kit: 40 precision laser-cut parts of quality balsa, basswood and aircraft plywood, all hardware, carbon pushrods, printed paper covering, pilot with scarf, and step by step photo instructions. Current color schemes available: red & white; red & yellow; blue & white; blue & yellow; orange & blue; navy & orange; green & cream; or, white & white (for you to customize). If we get enough requests for a different color scheme, we’ll be happy to add it to the line-up. Specifications: Wing Span: 15 1/2" Wing Area: 42 Flying Weight: 37 – 46 g Wing Loading: 4.5 – 5.5 oz / sq.ft. RC: 3 channel, using Spectrum® “brick” Power: Park Zone Bind’n’Fly motor/gearbox/prop 160 mAhr LiPo The camp e’Racer sells for $24.99 + shipping/handling.

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