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Indoor flight with a micro ultralight!

The INUM is as easy as R/C gets. It’s fully loaded with everything you need for exceptional indoor flights. This model delivers slow, smooth flights with good control authority. In a small gym, anyone can fly the INUM and feel like a pro. It’s simple for novices to fly and still entertaining for advanced flyers. In one box you get a pre-assembled INUM Indoor Flyer RTF, rechargeable 3.7V 35mAh LiPo battery, interference-free 2.4GHz transmitter with built-in LiPo charger, and four “AA” batteries. All you need to do to fly the INUM is plug in the battery!

■ Pre-assembled Indoor Flyer
■ 2.4GHz radio with built-in LiPo charger
■ 3.7V 35mAh LiPo battery
■ Spare Propeller
■ Four “AA” batteries

Wingspan: 8.5 in (215 mm)
Length: 9 in (230 mm)
Weight: 0.3 oz (8.5 g)
Wing Area: 21.9 in2 (1.4 dm2)
Wing loading: 2 oz/ft2 (6.1 g/dm2)
Requires: Nothing!

Flyzone INUM Indoor Flyer RTF. . . . . . . .$39.99

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