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Innovative Futaba S.Bus components use digital serial data communication technology to streamline the
electronics in model airplanes.

• Fully programmable

• High Voltage servos run 2S LiPo packs with no problems

• Dual bearings and water resistant

• BLS172HV and BLS175HV are ideal for large scale airplanes while BLS272HV is an excellent choice for cyclic on helicopters

BLS172HV S.Bus Programmable Ultra-Torque Aircraft Servo:

• Delivers tremendous torque (514 oz-in @ 7.4V)

• Includes a metal middle casing and an aluminum/stainless steel hybrid gear set that’s lighter and stronger than titanium

BLS175HV S. Bus Programmable High-Torque Aircraft Servo:

• Includes a metal middle casing and metal gears

• 292 oz-in @ 7.4V Torque

BLS272HV S. Bus Programmable High-Speed Heli Servo:

• Offers high speed (.08 @ 7.4V) operation

• Metal gear train

• 167 oz-in @ 7.4V Torque

FUTM0732 BLS172HV S-Bus Prog Ultra-Torq Air Servo Retail: $279.99 Street: $219.99

FUTM0735 BLS175HV S-Bus Prog Hi-Torq Air Servo Retail: $219.99 Street: $159.99

FUTM0742 BLS272HV S-Bus Prog Hi-Speed Heli Servo Retail: $219.99 Street: $159.99

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