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Elegant and graceful—the new E-flite® Mystique™ 2.9 m sailplane is everything a modern soaring pilot could want in a glider, because it’s bred from Limited Motor Run and F5J competition. Its super-sleek fiberglass fuselage is ready for either pure sailplane enjoyment or electric power. And since lift is the name of the game, the wing features a torsionally stressed wood structure, combined with an acclaimed Selig airfoil that works in harmony with its factory-hinged aileron and flap surfaces. Whether you’re focused on a timed flight mission or the ideal soaring machine from the comfort of a lounge chair, check out the first E-flite high-performance electric sailplane.
EFL4905 Mystique 2.9 m ARF
MAP - $369.99


j aimerais le mystique mais le moteur et le controleur et servo installer

i like the mystique all ready to fly il have to put my lipo only

I bought one of these as a way to get back into the hobby (lots of experience with nitro planes). Beautifully constructed, great colors. Went with a Spectrum DX8 w/A8000 rcvr and all the recommended e-power stuff. Finished everything (excepts external linkage covers) - can't wait to fly it!!!!

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