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This is one of the best 1/3.75 scale versions of the DG-1000 from LET Model we have ever seen! Almost Ready to Fly, in this case means you have almost no building left to do. Simply install your radio gear and enjoy. Even the decals are pre-applied and cockpit details installed. The Let Model is well known throughout Europe for their excellent craftsmanship and this model is another excellent example. Many of the "custom" details like the tow release in the nose, the scale retractable landing gear with working doors, tail wheel, the full cockpit with instrument panels, and the canopy with scale-like hatch latches and sliding vents have already been pre-finished for you. With supplied two typed of wing tips, you can install up to 4 servos in each composite wing. The wing and fuselage both have pre-installed wiring harnesses that also include multi-pin connectors for fast, trouble-free setup at the field. The elevator servo cleanly fits inside the vertical fin in its own fiberglass tray. The hollow molded rudder and stabilizer are already pre-hinged with linkages installed. Designed with the intermediate pilot in mind, the DG-1000 is a joy to fly. It thermals well and is fun on the slopes as well. It lands in remarkably small areas due to the generous flaps and spoilers.

With its fiberglass fuselage and carbon fiber reinforced, hollow molded wings the scale DG-1000 can handle full day of soaring as well as complete aerobatic routine. The careful use of composites creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.
Special Features:
- Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps and Spoilers
- Live hinges on the wings and stabilizer
- Pre-installed retractable landing gear with working doors, tail wheel and tow hook
- Two piece pre-finished wings with installed wiring for servos, easily removed for transport
- Wings have built-in retention system
- Elegant gel-coated fiberglass fuselage with decals already applied
- Hollow molded rudder and horizontal stabilizer
- Scale cockpit frame with canopy latch, dashboard and molded seat
- Hollow molded wingtips
- Optional SLS electric UP & GO unit

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