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The AerobTec Altis V4 is an RC altimeter designed especially for F5J and E-Soaring electric sailplane competitions, though it can also be used to record the barometric altitude of any object - a RC model, a bird, kite, or full size aircraft. Its unique benefit is the built-in screen that displays the F5J Start Height (or other data) automatically. This allows F5J competitions to be run very easily and safely, with no plugging in of gizmos or fiddling with wires. Another great benefit is its ability to interface with Jeti Duplex and Multiplex M-Link 2.4GHz receivers to give real time altitude telemetry. Despite these very powerful features the Altis V4 is very small and light. The Altis Flight Manager software is used to download the logged data onto a PC, to display and analyze it, and to save it in various formats. Please go to the AerobTec Altis V4 page to download the flight manager software and firmware updates. Note the software is NOT included in the package, and must be downloaded by the customer. Also the Micro USB to USB cable and telemetry cable are not included in the product, and need to be purchased, if required. Functions: Altimeter, Thermometer, Altitude Switch, Telemetry Upgradeable: Via USB PC Interface Telemetry Support: Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link Operational Voltage: 4V to 12.6V Dimensions: 33mm x 20mm x 6.5mm Weight: 8g w/Cable Calibration: No user calibration required Memory: Over 15 hours at the 0.1 second sample interval Sample Rates: Adjustable from 0.1 to 25.5 seconds per sample
More Information: Additional accessories are available. See for more details.

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