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The classic Joe Bridi design that became a popular Great Planes kit, is now a .60-size ARF! The Dirty Birdy accurately followed a pilot’s most intricate commands and the new ARF version combines that precision performance with ARF simplicity, easy sport flying and nostalgic pattern looks. Bays are
built into the ARF version to allow for optional retracts but they are covered to preserve the model’s looks should the modeler choose to install the included fixed landing gear. The painted fiberglass cowl is removable – not molded as part of the fuselage – far easier installation and set-up of the engine. The Dirty Birdy easily accommodates a standard muffler or tuned pipe with a wooden hardpoint built into the wing for secure tuned pipe attachment. Removing the Dirty Birdy’s wing provides quick, easy access to on-board radio equipment. The Dirty Birdy ARF – ready in no-time for classic sport and pattern performance!

• All control surfaces have been hinged at the factory for fast final assembly
• The halves of the balsa-sheeted horizontal stabilizer slide onto carbon fiber tubes for perfect, secure alignment
• Quick, easy access to radio equipment is provided through the removal of the Dirty Birdy’s wing
• Pre-painted fiberglass fuselage

Wingspan: 64.5 in (1640 mm)
Wing Area: 690 in² (44.5 dm²)
Weight: 7.5-8.5 lb (3400-3850 g)
Wing Loading: 25.28 oz/ft² (76-85 g/dm²)
Length: 56 in (1420 mm)
Requires: Radio with a minimum of 4-channels and 5-6 servos: .60-.65 2-stroke engine (tuned pipe optional)

GPMA1975 Dirty Birdy .60 ARF Retail: $399.99 Street: $299.99

The Dirty Birdy ARF will be available late April.

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