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Written by Jerry Smith
Find the entire feature on page 30 in the September 2011 issue.
Read an abridged summary as well as photos from the event.

LET’S FACE IT, Joe Nall is one of the prime events attracting modelers from around the world. It’s the one that modelers look forward to each year and plan to attend without reservation. I have watched it grow throughout the years and what we
have today is magnificent— and it keeps on getting better!

Thanks to Pat Hartness, whose forward thinking and passion for developing the Triple Tree Aerodrome has made it all possible. We, as modelers, can now come and reap the benefits he has so generously put in place. Hopefully we can look forward to the Nall for many years in the future.

Several changes in the past couple of years have benefited the Nall. The first was adding five venues instead of the one normal flying site. I overheard Pat talking about adding another venue in the future. Could it be clearing out the
10,000-square-foot hangar for indoor flying? Now wouldn’t that be neat?

Adding more venues allowed more pilots to fly with the 2.4 GHz band, and made room for more spectators to observe, increasing the size of the overall event. The second change occurred last year when Joe Nall was extended to a full week and dedicated to Kirby McKinney, a good friend indeed and one of the founders of the Nall. Before that, it was a fourday
event; however, there were some who always came in a few days early, so why not make it a week?

Read the entire event coverage including details about specific flightlines and the AMA Meeting starting on page 30 of the September 2011 issue.


Thanks for sharing the photos! Next year bring back some video too! : )

I keep telling my club I'm going next year. Love to have seen the water plane.

I was there and saw that plane fly. Where can I get a copy of that photo?

You can view most photos here at or go directly to to view our entire library.

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