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Written by Model Aviation staff. online exclusive feature.

The Indiana Warbird Campaign and the Hoosier Dawn Patrol took to the skies Labor Day weekend 2011 at the Academy of Model Aeronautic's International Aeromodeling Center (IAC). The sky was full of military aircraft and nearly 150 pilots attended.

The Indiana Warbird Campaign celebrates its 15th year; the past eight have been at the IAC. The Henry County Wright Flyers Inc. and the AMA hosted the event and welcomed all military aircraft (military/scale paint schemes required) from any era. Under the direction of CD Gary Bussell, 84 pilots participated in classic fly-bys, WW I barnstorming, WW II dogfights, high-speed jets, and noon demonstrations. Proceeds from the events were given to local charities.

Sharing the skies at the IAC was the Hoosier Dawn Patrol, entering its eighth year. CD Steve Percifield welcomed 50 pilots from 10 states for the weekend event. Pilots participate in the Indiana Warbird Campaign noon demonstration and "review of the threes" (1/3 scale). As tradition, everyone at the Hoosier Dawn Patrol enjoyed a movie night on Saturday - this year was a Mel Brooks marathon.

Model Aviation editor Jay Smith was on-site. See his photos of both events.

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