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Quickly get into the air with this enjoyable jet
Article, photos, and video by Terry Dunn
Read the full article in the August 2015 issue of
Model Aviation.

The Aero Vodochody L-39 Albatros is one of those airplanes that looks “right.” It has great proportions and all of its shapes seem to meld together.

The full-scale Czech trainer and light attack aircraft has been around since the 1960s. Thousands of L-39s are still flying in the hands of air forces and private owners around the world and modern variants of the L-39 are being developed and produced today.

The Flyzone L-39 is an updated version of the popular ElectriFly foamie introduced in 2008. The new L-39 has a larger, more-powerful brushless motor, improved air ducting, and a high-visibility paint job. It is available only as a receiver-ready (Rx-R) kit with preinstalled electronics.

Read the full article in the August 2015 issue of Model Aviation.


Type: Sport EDF jet
Wingspan: 25 inches
Wing area: 141 square inches
Length: 31 inches
Radio: Tactic TTX850 2.4 GHz transmitter; Tactic TR624 receiver; and three micro servos (servos included)
Components needed to complete: 4-plus-channel radio system; 30-minute epoxy; and basic assembly tools.
Minimal flying area: Club field
Price: $179.99
Power system (included): Ammo 24-45-3790 brushless motor; 56mm HyperFlow ducted fan; 40-amp ESC.


ElectriFly 3S 2,200 mAh 30C battery
Power output: 19.6 amps, 227 watts, 167 watts per pound
Flying weight: 21.7 ounces
Flight time: 7 minutes
Wing loading: 22.2 ounces per square foot

ElectriFly 4S 2,200 mAh 30C battery
Power output: 32.0 amps, 483 watts, 326 watts per pound
Flying weight: 23.7 ounces
Flight time: 5 minutes
Wing loading: 24.2 ounces per square foot


• Fun performance with three-cell or four-cell batteries
• Colorful paint scheme
• Easy assembly


• Canopy didn’t fit when using a four-cell battery


Nice review Terry. Looks like a clean and quick edf. Nice video too. Good soundtrack by Austin too!

I have just bought a Great Planes/Electrifly L39 Albatross & upgraded it to a Ammo 24-45-3790 brushless motor thinking I could run it on 3s or 4s.Then I realised I could have bought the Flyzone L39 with my upgrades already done & it would have been cheaper....Oh well I prefer the GP cammo paint scheme & has been fun perfecting my version

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