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As featured on page 21 in the September 2012 issue of
Model Aviation.
As featured in the
Model Aviation tablet app.

What help does AMA provide when it comes to flying site issues? That’s a great question!

Your AMA membership dollars do much more than purchase insurance and provide a monthly magazine. Those benefits are great, and insurance is mandatory these days, but there is so much more available to AMA members.

My job as AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Coordinator is to help clubs deal with flying site loss, new site acquisition, and site support. There is a section on the AMA website ( that deals with flying site assistance. There you will find help in the form of documents, videos, and success stories to assist you in obtaining a new flying site, or inform you of ways you can protect the flying site you currently enjoy.

Without flying sites, model aviation as we know it would not exist. Sites are where members gather to enjoy flight and spend time with flying buddies. That is what it is all about!

Flying sites don’t just happen; people make them happen. These hard-working club members invest large amounts of time, energy, and even money to make a flying site happen. AMA supports their efforts in many ways, but it takes someone to do the footwork.

The following success stories are meant to inspire you and your club to find a flying site that you can enjoy for many years. Throughout these stories you will find a thread that links them together: work! It takes work by one or several modelers who have a vision and are willing to put out the effort! Will you be one of them? I hope so!

—Tony Stillman

Read three great club success stories on page 21 of the September 2012 print and tablet issue of Model Aviation. You can also browse dozens of other stories

featured on Tony's Flying Site Preservation website.

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