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Written by Rachelle Haughn
As featured on page 32 in the March 2012 issue.
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MODEL AIRPLANES, kids, and a movie could be the perfect storm to breed a new generation of aviation enthusiasts.

The AMA has partnered with the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to create a new multimedia show and experience entitled Curious Scientific Investigators (CSI): Flight Adventures. The Indianapolis experience includes model aircraft displays, hands-on activities, and a film. It is funded through a NASA Competitive Program for Science Museums and Planetariums grant, and is scheduled to open to the public on February 25. AMA officials hope the partnership will get more youngsters interested in aeromodeling, the AMA, and aviation careers.

“The coolest thing is the partnership with the AMA,” said Rick Crosslin, who serves as the school liaison for science learning at the children’s museum.

The nuts and bolts of the project are education and a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“The project is really program-heavy and exhibit light,” Rick said. “You know I’m a science cheerleader. It’s a win-win situation. We need to get young people involved so [aeronautics] does not die out.”

Children pose with model airplanes and Rick Crosslin. TCM photo.

Children build Foam Plate Gliders (FPG9s) at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Photo by The Children’s Museum (TCM) of Indianapolis.

Rick Crosslin created a wind tunnel which allows children to test flying objects they have created. TCM photo.

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