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GREG GIMLICK REVIEWED the GluBot and this is what he had to say:

Every now and then, something comes along to make your life so easy that you slap yourself on the forehead and wonder, "Why didn’t I think of that?" Such was the case recently when I was discussing a model I was building with guru Keith Shaw.

Keith has taught me much over the years, and I always marvel at the little tidbits he tosses my way. We had quite a glue discussion going, and he mentioned his favorite glue-dispensing bottles. I had never heard of them, but he swore that they were the best he’s found. A trip to my PC and a bit of online ordering had me waiting for mine to arrive.

Glue dispensers come in many forms, shapes, and nozzle arrangements, but I’ve never found one that truly satisfied me. Throughout the years, I’ve gotten used to their quirks and I have adjusted to them. No more! Enter FastCap and its line of GluBot bottles.

The bottles come in three sizes: GluBot (16 ounces), HighBot (6 ounces), and BabeBot (4 ounces). They are all the same design, just various capacities. The bottles are designed with two chambers and when squeezed, the glue is forced up the smaller second chamber to the dispensing nozzle. When you release pressure on the bottle, the glue is sucked back down the smaller chamber, thereby clearing the nozzle from any glue that might remain and subsequently clog. There are no clogs when using the GluBot bottle.

Another feature is the interchangeable nozzles for pinpoint or fine-line gluing, and a wider tip for spreading glue over a broad area. When you’re done gluing, there is a soft silicone nozzle cover that keeps the glue from hardening in the bottle. While gluing, this cover sits on top of the main chamber filler cap.

Accessories are available for adapting the GluBot dispensers to whatever your application might be. These include an edge guide, various tips, caddies, and replacement parts.

With prices ranging from roughly $5 for the BabeBot up to approximately $8 for the largest GluBot, it’s easy to have several on hand to contain all of the types of glue that I want. I started with an order of one and ended up ordering more for my other glues.

I have never found a dispenser that works as well as these do. They dispense glue perfectly in any position. While you’re on the FastCap website, look around at all of the other cool things the company has for woodworking and modeling.


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How can I purchase this item

Hi Vincent. It looks like you can purchase it directly from the website:

What is the glue type?

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