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Written by Jay Smith and Tim Tworek
As featured on page 53 in the September 2012 issue of
Model Aviation.
As featured in the
Model Aviation tablet app.

The Aeroworks model comes with much of the work already completed. The Extra is covered in genuine UltraCote and requires little work with the covering iron.

The horizontal stabilizer has a locator dowel built into the LE to ensure the front of the stabizer is centered in the fuselage. Also, the stabilizer comes with the covering removed for a strong bond when glued in place.

The rudder is controlled via a pull-pull setup, with ball link connectors that make adjustment easy and slop free.

A 2mm ball link assembly provides a solid connection from the Hitec HS-65MG servo to the aileron control horn. The recommended servos fit perfectly in the wing without modification.

Thanks to its attractive blue and yellow color scheme and lightweight construction, the Extra 260 presents well in the air and is capable of IMAC and Precision styles of flying.

When using the included Micro CG Buddy, the Extra should set slightly nose down. The battery tray accommodates batteries ranging from 2600 to 3000 mAh.

The Extra handles well in all attitudes and benefits from the SFGs when knife-edge maneuvers are flown.

The Hacker A30-12XL V2 is easily mounted and well suited to power the Extra 260. The Hacker ESC then can be mounted below the motor box, right in the air flow.

Eight 1/8-inch standoff blocks provide proper spacing for different power system options. In the case of the recommended Hacker A30-12XL V2, four blocks were required. An air scoop is also provided to help with cooling.

The Extra comes with both inboard and wingtip SFGs. The inboard SFGs simply slide into slots in the top and bottom of the wing and are held in place with the tabs. They can be added or removed in seconds.

Below are bonus photos, not featured in the print issue. Read the entire review and flight characteristics on page 53 in the the app of the September issue of Model Aviation.

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