HAVING EXTRA screws, nuts, and washers is a necessity in this hobby, and having them on hand when you need them is a real stress reliever.

Imagine trying to get an aircraft ready one evening in preparation for a great day of flying the following day and being stopped in your tracks because of missing or low-quality hardware. At best, you’ll need to visit your local hobby shop, but what if it is after hours? And it is less expensive to purchase a set instead of individual sizes of hardware.

RTL Fastners

RTL Fastners

The Complete Metric Assortment #992 from RTL Fasteners will solve these concerns. The collection includes 1,014 items, as well as three organizers and a five-piece extra-long ball driver set. This assortment was designed to include a mix of hardware that modelers would most commonly need. It contains commonly used metric sizes, and additional items have recently been added to the set, including Socket Drive Servo Screws, Metric Blind (T) Nuts, and additional Socket Head Cap Screws.

I’ve had RTL Fasteners sets in the past and they have been beneficial to me beyond the hobby when quality hardware is needed. I have used the company’s products several times when working on other projects, such as my pinball and arcade machines! I have never experienced any of the issues with RTL Fasteners products that have sometimes frustrated me with some lower-quality hardware. The inclusion of the extra-long ball driver set is a nice addition—just ask anyone who has had to tighten down screws inside an airplane fuselage!

The plastic organizer boxes, combined with the included hardware identification page, make finding the right hardware easy. I previously chose to write the hardware size information on the plastic lid with a Sharpie, which eventually wore off. I recommend using the identification page that is cut to fit each box inside of the lid.

Priced at $159.95, to help you save even more money, RTL Fasteners is offering AMA members a 30% discount—just use code AMA30 during checkout!

Next month, look for a review on RTL’s Master Builder Assortment for those who need SAE hardware.

RTL Fastners


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