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Focal Point

AMA member projects

AMA members are some of the most talented and passionate model builders you’ll find anywhere!

In each issue of Model Aviation, we publish a collection of photos and short stories featuring our members’ projects.

We love receiving and sharing these stories, and lately we’ve received so many great submissions that we’re running out of room! For the next few months, we’ll include even more “Focal Point” submissions in the digital edition of Model Aviation.

Model Aviation print-only subscribers can enjoy seeing more member projects in the gallery below!

Focal Point


Built from Nick Ziroli plans, all hand cut parts. A six year construction project. Model features a scale cockpit. Extremely detailed airframe, fuselage covered in Flite Metal with full rivet detail and weathering. Tribute to WWII ace Richard Hewitt, 82 Fighter Squadron commander.
The airplane weighs about 48 pounds with a 98 inch wingspan.

Built from guillows rubber power plans enlarged to one fifth scale wingspan 90 in. Weight 11 lbs. Power is an OS 65 ax. Covering chrome and red ultracote. Maiden flight on 30 July 17 was a dream. And have loged four hours and twenty eight mins. To date.have had some deadstick landings that were caused by pilot error witch resulted in minor damage. Again totally pilot error. Improper mixture adjustments and throttle trim. But now all bugs worked out and she is a great scale flyer.

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