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MA Construction Series Podcast: Wrapping it up
We interview Paul Kohlmann, author of one of Model Aviation's most extensive construction series.

Listen to the recorded podcast

Model Aviation’s live podcast with “MA Construction Series” author Paul Kohlman took place on January 26th. If you missed it, you can listen to the entire interview here!



Looking forward to tips and encouragement from others

Is there a place to find past podcasts to listen to?


Right now, the best way to find past podcasts is to simply search for the words 'podcast' and 'webinar' in the search bar near the upper-right of each page at .

A quick search yielded a few you may be interested in:

Plans Build (Oct. 2013):
FPV for Beginners: (Apr. 2014):
Building Tips (Oct. 2014):
Foam Building: (Oct. 2015)

This was a great series. It made me ecstatic to be an AMA member and has convinced several of my friends to join. Thanks so much for all that you've done and the excellent work you put into this.

Thanks, Shawn! It's great to hear that these articles have been helpful. It was a fun project and I was a bit sorry to see it draw to a close.

My best,


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