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iHobby Expo 2011.

The president and vice president of SIG talk with Model Aviation editor Jay Smith about reintroducing classic SIG products, supplies, aircraft, and the future of the company.


Glad to see they are trying to make a comeback. Right now they are a ghost of their former selves, and I know I am not alone in hoping they bring their selves back to the forefront of our hobby

I am happy to see this. Yes, I am baised, but I love Sig fuel. To me it is the best. I have used it for years and am happy that it appears I can continue to use it. I also am pleased to see the other items in the Sig line will continue. Way to go guys, I look forward to seeing more Sig in the future. IMHO, Sig is one of the "comfort foods" of the hobby. It has always been there and spans the generations.

I wish Sig the best of luck, I can remember taking a tour of the factory many years ago and flying in a contest there. I own a few ARF & RTF but I still enjoy building also.

One of my prized possessions...Please bring back the next size up Rascal!

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